Jack Irvine: Artist: Sydney

I studied graphic design for a little, i don’t think that got me any where though, i’d say hanging out with friends that were good at doing cool shit was my best study.

Jack Irvine is a young artist and graphic designer living down south in Miranda aka “The Shire”. There be no elves or grey wizards down that way but definitely some talents brewing amongst the village.

Jack runs an art gallery with mates called ‘Space 44’ which hosts events for artists and muso’s like his band ‘Baxter’.

I later found out that Jack and I went to the same high school, Port Hacking in Miranda – yes I too am from “The Shire”.

When Jack isn’t creating he’s at the beach surfing. Surfing, large-scale art and music is his life…living the dream!

Jack started with graffiti then later moved over to illustrations, “I prefer large, I’m not really into small, it’s not my thing”.

Jack has a solo exhibition happening Friday 1st July at District 01, Surry Hills. Get down there to witness his creative genius and charm.

AR hung out with Irvine at his creative space in Cronulla ‘Space 44’…

Name: Jack Irvine
Occupation: Artist and a variety of other things that pay the bills
Hometown: Miranda (the shire)
Current Location: Mums house

When I was a kid I wanted to be…an airbrush artist that paints flames and skulls on cars, i think that’s because i watched so much of pimp my ride

My earliest, fondest memory is…dressing up as batman every day and having super hero fights

The studies I took to get where I am…I studied graphic design for a little, i don’t think that got me anywhere though, i’d say hanging out with friends that were good at doing cool shit was my best study

I’m most creative when…I feel like shit about myself, and have to do something good to feel better, haha so deep..

I started drawing…when I was a kid, probably the same age everyone starts drawing, i think i just kept going with it, i used to love the video ezy drawing competitions that they had at the video shop, that was a good time to be alive

The tools I can’t live without…music and a little drawing book

I’m inspired by…having fun, punk music, parties and good times

I’m currently reading…perfume: story of a murder by patrick suskind

The website I hang out on the most…etsy looking at an endless amount of vintage clothing to try rip off

I’m currently listening to…Ian Dury – New Boots and Panties, Dump Punts, The Coneheads

The last film I watched was…the gunman, its not bad, not great tho, nothing to write home about

Travel is…good, I’ve been home for a while and i need to go somewhere

My travel essentials are…headphones, iPhone, money, passport, tooth brush and clothes

One thing I would like to do but haven’t got around to it yet… to go to Tokyo

The challenges of being a creative…trying to find ways of making money

The highlights over the past 12 months have been…planning my art show which is really soon (1st of July) and realising that i feel better when i have future plans

Advice to share to those who want to follow in my footsteps…go big! bigger is better

Do What You Want…not what other people want, cause that would suck, and you might get to 40 and hate yourself, it’s never to late to change though

Instagram // Space 44

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