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Almost Real was established in 2014 by Michelle Owen as an editorial platform to share stories about creatives that “do what they want, not what’s expected” and to prove that you can have a career in the creative world and make a living from it.

Too many times we've heard the term “get a real job” or “come back to the real world” so AR was created as an alternative world, an “almost” real world where anyone can express themselves without judgement.

Now days, more than ever before people can “create anywhere”.

In 2022, Almost Real evolves with new energy launching the online gallery and continues to support and share creatives stories and movements.

Almost Real is a source of fine art photography and visual art by a collective of artists and creatives.


"No artist tolerates reality," says Nietzsche. That is true, but no artist can get along without reality. Artistic creation is a demand for unity and a rejection of the world. But it rejects the world on account of what it lacks and in the name of what it sometimes is.”

- Albert Camus