Oscar McMahon: Young Henrys: Sydney

The idea is the hardest thing to find. Once you have that, find some like minded people to help fund the project. We can rarely achieve great things alone.

Oscar McMahon is by far one of the most passionate and proudest creatives AR has come across. He’s the founder of Australians most up n’ coming crafted ales, Young Henrys.

The attention to detail, love and ownership of what he believes in transcends through his many accomplishments, like The Unicorn Hotel and The Persian Drugs.

Young Henrys brewery is located in Newtown’s back alley of Wilford Street where devilishly handsome, bearded men, wearing black roam the grounds.

Oscar gave us the grand tour of the entire establishment. It was amazing to see how the ale and lager is created and the team of lads behind it all…even down to the very detail of a science lab where they make sure they are using the best grains out there!

Young Henrys Brewery is open till 7pm each day and you can sit inside the brewery whilst you knock back few tasty ale’s.

Name: Oscar McMahon
Occupation: That guy from Young Henrys… no, not that one, the other one
Hometown: Newtown
Current Location: Newtown

When I was a kid I wanted to be… I remember always wanting to be older and cooler than I was

My earliest, fondest memory… is with my mum, dad and little sister. We had a really amazing childhood of fun, imagination, books being read to us at night, chooks, vege gardens and homework before tele

The studies I took to get where I am… I went to Newtown High school which taught me to express myself and to try and find out who that was. I studied event design at Enmore TAFE which taught me to diversify skills, learn to do things yourself and the value of your network. I played in an independent touring band for 13 years which taught me to make decisions with my heart instead of for financial return. It was a study in happiness and being broke.

Before this phase of my career/life I was… a musician and bartender. I guess not that much has changed

I’m most creative when… my mind is clear and I get to exercise a little freedom. A quiet morning coffee in the sun can change worlds

The tools I can’t live without… my guitar, my phone, my laptop and my notebook

I’m inspired by… I feel really lucky to be the sort of person who legitimately gets inspired by other people doing great things

I’m currently reading… The Dharma Bums

The website I hang out on the most… just checked my history and gmail wins by a long shot.

I’m currently listening to… Radio Birdman and the Kills

The last film I watched was… The Bourne Supremacy. Totally, unashamedly love the bourne films and am super excited to go see the new one

Travel is… part of my job (very luckily) and as much of my down time as possible

My travel essentials are… probably not too dissimilar to yours… 10 different pieces of assorted denim wear, footy shorts, chuck taylors, redwings and spare sunglasses

One thing I would like to do but haven’t got around to yet… my tax. Must remember to do my tax

The challenges of doing what I do… having to jump from one side of the brain to the other with regularity

The highlights over the past 12 months have been… opening The Unicorn Hotel with some friends, making a beer with the Art Gallery of NSW and getting to work on a Moonshine with the incredible gents from Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

Advice to share to those who want to follow in my footsteps… the idea is the hardest thing to find. Once you have that, find some like minded people to help fund the project. We can rarely achieve great things alone.

Do What You Want… unless it harms others

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