Tim Swallow + Ed Triglone: Lagoon Collective: Sydney

Always Strive and Prosper


Lagoon Collective is creative director / photographer Tim Swallow and cinematographer Ed Triglone. Currently calling Bondi Beach their home, these (now) Sydney surfers are originally from Busselton, South Perth (Tim) and Bellingen (Ed).
They met when collaborating on a skate shoot in Bondi about 1 year ago. After working on several shoots together their creative bond and inner child formed Lagoon Collective.
Before moving to Sydney Ed lived, surfed and studied film in Byron Bay. Tim studied building design and architecture then moved overseas to France and Ireland in his early twenties but after one year in an office job he realised this wasn’t the life he wanted and went on to pursue photography and lucky for us he did.
The LC have a consistent aesthetic in their shoots always telling a story. They are chilled yet hard working mates with a great passion for what they do and enjoy working with others whom share the same energy.
They are not limited to who they are or where they are, they just want to continue keep telling stories through their lens. AR hung out with them in their editing studio in Bondi Beach…

Name: Lagoon Collective (Tim Swallow & Ed Triglone)
Occupation: (T) Creative Director/ Photographer (E) Cinematographer
Hometown: (T) Busselton, WA (E) Bellingen, NSW
Currently residing: Bondi Beach

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was…We went for a surf (average) followed by a coffee at The Shop (yummy).

When I was a child I wanted to be…
(T) Professional Surfer
(E) Professional Cricket Player

The studies I took to get where I am…
(T) I studied and worked in Building Design & Architecture only to swiftly discover it wasn’t for me. I left my old life behind and decided to study the world through travel, this fuelled my passion for photography.
(E) I began a Bachelor of Environmental Forensics before i realised i was way in over my head. I’d always played around with video cameras as a kid and decided to Pick it back up and study a Bachelor of Film Production.

I’m inspired by…
(T) Music. How people do anything without listening to it destroys me. I grew up listening to tunes through my parents (The Beatles, Cash, Credence) Neighbors (Sabbath, Zeppelin, Doors) Older Brother (Hendrix, Pink Floyd) and older sister (Nirvana, Pearl Jam). To be honest it’s played a huge part in what I’ve done with my life, both good and bad.
(E) My Friends.So many people i have grown up with or met over the years are doing amazing things. I feel like my Friends push me to be better at what i do.

I admire…
(T) My Friends, Family, Mentors & Muses. They’ve all played a big part in the progression of my work.
(E) My Family & Friends. Modesty.

The tools I can’t live without…
(T) The Ocean
(E) The Ocean

I’m most creative when I’m…
(T) Surfed out, lying on the couch listening to records.
(E) Alone.

My favourite book…
(T) Helmut Newton – Sumo
(E) American Psycho

I’m currently listening too…We’d love to tell you but we’d have to kill you.

My favourite place in the world…
(T) Saba, Indonesia
(E) The Promised Lands

I would like to travel…
(T) The Universe
(E) More

My travel essentials are…
(T & E) Surfboard, Skateboard & Camera.

The highlights over the past 12 months have been…
(T) Starting Lagoon and watching the company grow. Being able to employ/collaborate with close friends to produce something we are all proud of.
(E) Working with Tim, Travelling all over Australia & seeing all the great things my Friends are doing.

The latest project I’m working on…
(T) I’m halfway through a 10 part series for my upcoming exhibition ‘If We Die Tomorrow’. It embraces freedom, youthfulness and natural beauty with a hint of mayhem.
(E) I’ve just finished a music Video for my good Friend Hein Cooper.

Advice I have to share for those who want to get into this profession…
(T & E) Skip the degree, assist someone you admire, go far above and beyond whats required of you.


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Photo: Katie Karrs

Interview: Michelle Owen