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Born in Java and raised his photography career in Bali, With nature and lifestyle as his main photography passions, Iman aims to create a sense of story from the images that Iman brings.

"There is always a challenge in anything that we do in this world, I like to challenge myself because that’s the door for me to step further to become better of myself."

Name: Iman Putra Perdana

Occupation: Photographer / Editor

Hometown: Depok, West Java, Indonesia

Current Location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

What do you do?

Most of the time I do photograph and surf if I have a free time.

Did you study anywhere or self taught?

I didn’t do proper school photography or any field related in the photography industry, only studying from the experience that I face in my everyday life and surrounding, apart from that I learned online.

What’s your favourite camera and/or equipment to work with?

I don’t have a specific favourite equipment/camera to shoot with, for me photographing is about how we immortalise the moment and re-tell it from many different perspectives without missing the main messages we want to aim.

Who are your favourite photographers?

From local/Indonesia I really like Anton Ismael, from outside of Indonesia I like Alessio Albi & Sebastian Zanella, maybe there is more that I like but I still haven’t know yet.

Who or what else inspires you?

Nature, experience, people, and the environment that surround me.

How have you evolved over the years

Being adept with circumstances without forgetting your roots, identity and authenticity 

Do you find any challenges in your industry?

There is always a challenge in anything that we do in this world, I like to challenge myself because that’s the door for me to step further to become better of myself.

What tools or apps help you get your work done?

Google Docs/notes because form that I will not forget what my plan is, for the technical photograph I use Capture one for edit and live preview.

Are you reading or watching anything right now?

By the day I write this I stumble upon watch a simple video on youtube that I think is simple but has a big impact, the title of the video is nose breathing.

What are you listening to atm?

Now I’m listening to the Majestic Casual, a Majestic Casual known for curated music on youtube, combining the visuals and music, valuing authenticity and diversity, things that spark memories and emotions.

Photographer Rebecca Bundschuh
Photographer Rebecca Bundschuh

What websites do you frequent?

Where are you traveling to next?

Probably Sumbawa

What is your greatest achievement?

I reckon all the things that I’ve done is my greatest achievement no matter small, big, fall, win, all is an achievement as long as make me better 

One thing you would like to achieve this year?


What advice would you share to others wanting to get into your profession?

Be authentic and be who you are.

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