Lindsey grew up on Vancouver island on the west coast of Canada, surrounded by the pacific ocean, old-growth forests & inspiring artists. She has a strong connection with nature and authentic environments. Lindsey has a long journey as a photographer, producer, teacher and mother. Her photography career was composed naturally as her twin sister trained her over eight years ago so they could always have a connection that would keep them together. Today, Lindsey is living between Stadland, Norway and tropical destinations. She has never liked the idea of a permanent address.


"There are plenty of photographers out there, but the ones who will stand out are those who create art and not just images."

Name: Lindsey Bundschuh 

Occupation: Photographer, Producer

Hometown: Vancouver island

Current Location: Norway

What do you do? 

Travel, Surf, Shoot and be a mom and produce for Nordic Retreats.

Did you study anywhere or self taught?

My twin sister Rebecca taught me everything I need to know! I self taught myself to fly the drone.

What’s your favourite camera and/or equipment to work with? 

Mavic Pro 2 Drone.

Who are your favourite photographers?

My twin sister Rebecca and Seb Zanella

Who or what else inspires you? 

The interaction between the ocean and human. Travel, Culture, Sunlight and exploration of angels.

How have you evolved over the years? 

I think I have understood more and more that when you create images that you love it will shine through in your work. I don’t think to much about what everyone else is doing or what others want to see, I like to stay true to what makes me smile, my images are really just a documentation of my world.

Do you find any challenges in your industry? 

I try and stay out of the competitive side of the industry, but do find its harder to make money commercially because there are a lot of photographers out there who will work for almost free.

What tools or apps help you get your work done? 

Light room.

Are you reading or watching anything right now? 

Untethered Soul and The 4 Agreements are my bibles. I read them over and over.

What are you listening to atm? 

Lumineers lol.

Photographer Rebecca Bundschuh
Photographer Rebecca Bundschuh

What websites do you frequent? 

Not much of a website girl usually just use it for work, I prefer to play with my daughter or be outside.

Where are you travelling to next? 

For the first time in months I have nothing lined up which feels amazing, I've been in and out of Norway for months straight...but definitely back to Bali in the summer.

What is your greatest achievement? Beating Cancer, the body and mind are unbelievable. I feel like I can do everything and anything now and I probably will :)

One thing you would like to achieve this year?

More art, more exhibitions more time with my family and friends.

What advice would you share to others wanting to get into your profession? 

There are plenty of photographers out there, but the ones who will stand out are those who create art and not just images. Be nice, be passionate, laugh as much as you can and follow your dreams.


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