Jess Brohier: Photographer: Melbourne

Make the kind of work that you want to see!

Jess Brohier is a 27 year-old editorial and lifestyle photographer from Melbourne, Victoria. Before photography, Jess used to dabble a lot between illustration and taking pictures, until one day she stopped drawing and hasn’t put down the camera since. Her first camera was a 35mm Golden Half, which was a little toy camera. Jess aims to create a mood through her pictures, to stop and invite people to look a moment longer, and draw their own conclusions about what she was thinking. Constantly exploring, Jess is always on the hunt for the perfect location, in-fact that’s one attribute we love about her style. AR caught up with Jess…

Name: Jess Brohier
Occupation: Photographer
Hometown: Melbourne
Current Location: Melbourne

When I was a kid I wanted to be… a veterinarian – until I did work experience at a clinic and nearly passed out from the smell of anaesthetic.

The studies I took to get where I am…A degree in Psychology and Sociology and a diploma in Visual Art. But truthfully, I’m pretty much self taught.

I’m most creative when… I’ve been putting in ‘me’ time.

I prefer film/digital because… Film because it’s a challenge, and even the mistakes are beautiful. It’s classic, raw and honest.

The tools I can’t live without… My cameras, Lightroom, the internet, people skills and (sadly) my IPhone.

My favourite film camera is… My Nikon FM10 because it’s the first proper film SLR camera I’ve owned.

I’m inspired by… People that choose to pursue their creative love over taking the easy road. Also conversations, colours, architecture, my friends, shadows, light, lone figures, and so much more.

I’m currently reading… I wish I was reading! I’m always too busy taking and looking at pictures lately.

The website I hang out on the most… Soundcloud.

I’m currently listening to… My addictively updated playlist, a mix of soul, ambient, indie, hip hop, deep

Digital Technology… Is crippling our understanding of intimacy, social situations and relationships, but is a crucial step forward business-wise for almost every industry.

Travel is… Essential, therapeutic, a huge facilitator for personal growth – and critical for a better understanding of the world we live in.

My travel essentials are… an iPod, a camera and cool but comfortable walking shoes.

I feel most free when… I’m getting lost in cities where nobody knows who I am.

One thing I would like to do but haven’t got around to it yet… Visit Europe!

The obstacles that have come my way…Sigh! Countless. Fear of failure, fear of being broke, fear of being alone, people who don’t reply to emails, feeling inadequate, lack of support, but in the end overcoming them makes it all the more worthwhile.

The highlights over the past 12 months have been… going to New Zealand, Thailand, Laos and New York, being featured on Sticks and stones, by Frankie Magazine and Street Dreams Magazine and a few others, starting my own business and going freelance, making some cool work with amazing Melbourne brands and creatives, and finally learning how to shoot film!

Advice I have to share for those who want to get into this profession… Only do it if you’re prepared to work hard and are getting into it for the love and not the money! Be prepared to work for free – but don’t sell yourself short either. Remember it’s all about the connections and friends you make, so stay humble and chill and be easy to work with. Make the kind of work that you want to see!

Website / Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat: j_esska

Photography: Tom Terlaak + a selection photos from Jess’s portfolio