Tali Udovich: Blender Gallery: Sydney

“Realistically I have learnt a lot on the fly while running my business for the past 14 years. They don’t teach MYOB at art school”

Name: Tali Udovich
Occupation: Director/Owner – Blender Gallery
Hometown: Sydney
Currently Location: Sydney

Tali Udovich is the Director of Blender Gallery, Sydney. Located in the heart of Paddington, a mecca for art and culture in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Blender Gallery established itself in June of 2001.Blender Gallery specialises in Fine Art Music Photography and Limited Edition Rock n Roll Prints. AR hung out with Tali in her outstanding gallery…

When I was a child I wanted to be… a rockstar or a fairy! I actually worked as a “professional” fairy for a while doing kids parties, so I guess one of my wishes came true!

The mentors/heros in my life when I was growing up were… My family. And they continue play a huge role in my life – I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them.

The studies I took to get where I am… I’ve always been interested in Art & Design so I completed a BA in Visual Communication with a double major in Graphic Design and Multimedia. But realistically I have learnt a lot on the fly while running my business for the past 14 years. They don’t teach MYOB at art school…

The tools I can’t live without… Music and photography.. Its a driving force!

I’m inspired by… art, culture, vintage, history, music, fashion, food.. cities like New York and Tokyo..

I’m currently reading… Waging Heavy Peace – Neil Young autobiography

The website I hang out on the most… my own.. I’ve just launched blendergallery.com as an online store and I am constantly uploading images to try and have it up to date.

I’m currently listening to… A mix CD that my husband made for our new baby – super classic 70s & 80s hits – consisting of Bowie, Queen, Toto, Bill Withers, Quit Riot, Sly & The Family Stone.. Keeps everyone happy while driving!

My favourite place in the world… New York – I absolutely love that town. Any excuse to get on a plane and go there (Tokyo is a very close second).

I would like to travel… more! There are so many places that I would love to get to and experience.

My travel essentials are… phone, camera (thank god for the iPhone) and a pair of cowboy boots – made for walking.
One thing I would like to do but haven’t got around to it yet… Learn to cook well

The highlights over the past 12 months have been… Being invited to Stevie Nicks photographic exhibition in NYC – a whirlwind trip for a super cool event! Working with photographer Hugh Holland who shot the Californian Skate scene in the 70s and hosting his exhibition earlier this year. Working with all of my rock photographers, they are all so inspiring and have experienced so many great moments in music history.. Oh, and having my first child.. That’s been a highlight and an eye opener!

The latest project I’m working on… We have just launched a retrospective exhibition and book by Australian photographer Philip Morris called “It’s A Long Way: From Acca Dacca to Zappa 1969-1979”. It documents the Australian music scene and our international visitors in the 70s. It’s running until December 5th – so come and check it out!

Advice I have to share for those who want to get into this profession… Be passionate! Its all about the passion..

Do What You Want… open your mind and enjoy the ride..

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Photographer: Kate Kaars

Interview: Michelle Owen